Senior Tax Accountant

Fairfax/Washington DC CPA firm, Gurman & Company, PLLC, is seeking a Senior Tax Accountant.

Location: Fairfax, VA / Washington DC Metro Area

Salary: Based on experience

Position Type: Full-time

Job Description/Duties: The Senior Tax Accountant is the liaison between the client and the audit or tax manager. He or she is generally responsible for all phases on an engagement. Among the duties of the Senior Tax Accountant are the following:

  • Maintain steady contact with clients throughout the business year. This involves a more thorough knowledge of the client and all facets of his or her business, rather than mere routine attendance to immediate problems.
  • Follow the progress of the work during an engagement in relation to budgeted time and scheduled dates of completion. The Senior Tax Accountant should spend as much time as possible with the client’s management group, giving the assignment the full attention it warrants. Periodically review the working papers in the field as the job progresses. He or she must be able to determine whether all phases of the engagement are being carried out properly and in the best sequence, so as to anticipate the problem areas and questions that will arise.
  • Keep the Tax Manager informed of all-important developments in the work. The Senior Tax Accountant will also present any major problems that occur, with all the facts, his or her conclusions, and recommendations.


  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting and CPA are required.
  • 3+ years CPA firm experience.


  • Accuracy as well as work quality and application of professional and Firm standards.
  • Must be highly skilled in use of Excel, Word, computer accounting software programs and business systems.
  • Must have excellent work habits, including a willingness to work the hours necessary to get the job done, especially when important deadlines cause greater than normal departmental pressures.
  • Must have the ability to compare, analyze and interpret facts and figures promptly.
  • Written and oral communication skills are also important to correspond with clients as well as Tax or Audit Managers orally or in written form.

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