Specialized Solutions for Government Contractors


Tax & Accounting Services For Northern Virginia Government Contractors

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As a government contractor, you are faced with a level of scrutiny and risk that creates unique business challenges on a daily basis. Pricing is analyzed, profit margins are squeezed, costs are tracked, competition is fierce, and expectations are high. You need an accounting advisor who inherently understands your specialized industry and has the experience, intuition, and skills to assess your needs and provide reliable recommendations. That’s where we come in.


How Our Accounting Services Help Government Contractors

Gurman & Company is one of only a few CPA firms that specialize in the government contracting industry. There are special circumstances related to what you do that can make growth and profitability challenging. With more than 30 years of experience working with government contractors throughout Northern Virginia and beyond, we are well versed about the rules and accounting principles you are required to adhere to.

To help owners achieve their financial and growth goals, we develop business plans, budgets, and projections that keep the business running effectively and moving forward. We also strongly believe that knowledge is power and educate owners so they can make informed, timely decisions.

In addition to performing a wide range of traditional accounting, auditing, and tax planning services, extensive knowledge of DCAA guidelines and performs compliance engagements that conform to these guidelines. Additional services include:

  • Financial statement and collateral audits
  • Pre-contract preparations
  • Cost proposal support
  • Overhead and labor rate calculations
  • DCAA audit preparation
  • Preparation of incurred cost submissions
  • Job cost accounting

Finally, to ensure no conflict of interest, Gurman Accounting Services, LLC, an independent affiliate of Gurman & Company, offers outsourced accounting, bookkeeping and controllership services. This ensures all of your bookkeeping is done timely, from sending out invoices and processing payments to paying bills and reconciling your books.