Attest Services and Standards for Selecting the Right Accountant


Attestation standards serve as guidelines for CPAs conducting attest services for their clients.  The world of attest services has evolved over time, and today there are many different services being performed for clients. In the past, the generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS) were the primary basis for audits, but with the growing demand for attest services, additional standards have arisen. Learn more about attestation standards, so that you can better understand the basis for good attest services the next time you contact your accounting firm.

The goal of attestation standards is to set boundaries and a framework for attest services. They accomplish this by giving guidance to CPAs who will perform attest services and guide standard-setting bodies in establishing interpretive standards for these services if necessary. Not only do these standards guide accountants, but they also give you, the client, a picture of what to look for.

Attestation standards have developed from the ten generally accepted auditing standards, and are malleable to the ever-changing requirements of society. Below we will provide you with the general attestation standards used by CPAs today. Remembering the following standards and looking for an accountant who follows them when performing attest services will save your business trouble down the road.

  1. The service will be performed by an accountant who has sufficient proficiency in the attest function and technical training.
  2. The service will be performed by an accountant who has satisfactory understanding of the affair.
  3. The accountant will perform the actions only if he or she has reason to believes that sufficient accessible criteria is available to be conferred with.
  4. Separation of interests is necessary for attest services. Analysis shall remain independent.
  5. When preparing for and executing the service, ample care should be taken by the accountant.

It is your job to make sure that your accountant is held to these standards in order to ensure that your attest services are handled properly.

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